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Welcome!  The heroine of my THREE BOOKS is an African woman who is befriended in childhood by the local witchdoctor, learning Magic, Sorcery and Witchcraft as practised in her remote homeland. In that environment success is heavily aided by psychological belief. In England she finds that psychology is less help but that modern technology more than makes up for it. Struggling to reconcile two different cultures, she finds that features of one can be combined with features of the other to give her a unique capability. Events and contacts lead her to a career as an assassin, removing major, and otherwise untouchable villains. She casts spells and summons spirits just as she used to at home, but she uses technological wizardry to reinforce them.

Which resources have most effect? Are the spells and spirits and incantations of my heroine pure fantasy? Is there some unseen agency that will sometimes do our bidding? Things that we regard as supernatural are beyond proof. We believe or we don't believe. Christianity is a major world religion, but are claims of answered prayer any more provable than the antics of the Tokoloshe in Xhosa folklore? Here are three common reasons for belief in Christianity. Do  they prove anything? (1) It is a comfortable belief, promising life after death.  (2) A great many other people believe it. (3) It has inspired marvellous literature.

My local vicar recently asked God to make English Heritage give us a grant to repair the tower. If we don't get a grant, is prayer disproved? If we do get a grant, was it due to prayer? Or was it due to some influential parishioner who found a way to lean on English Heritage? If cause and effect are not yet explained and thing seems supernatural, then one belief is as good as another. So give my heroine a chance and read my books.

The other pages are about beliefs in general. 

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