A  reader of Accidental Assassin said that he could not be sure whether I believed in witchcraft or not. To answer that I must make a comparison with belief in other things. I wonder how much Christianity relies on the fact that huge numbers of intelligent humans have believed in it and built up the story. That fact does not actually prove anything. Would other beliefs be regared in the same way if they had that history?

Belief can mean many things. "I believe in being polite."  "I believe England will win the 20/20 competition." "I believe I have the skill to drive very fast safely."

The strength of your belief determines your behaviour. How much money do you bet on a horse? What result are you really expecting?

Belief is not certainty. Believers in religion say prayers. Believers in magic and witchcraft cast spells. They know the result they hope for may or may not happen Their expectation is limited, but they hope to improve the odds.


Do these people feel sure of getting what they want?

A suicide bomber. (Heaven - Immediately.)

A driver relying exclusively on SatNav. (Get there on time.)

An Astronaut. (Get back alive.)

A purchaser of one lottery ticket every week. (Win money sooner or later.)

A compulsive buyer of face cream. (Compliments on youthful appearance.)

Man growing a beard. (Me.)  (Favourable comments from women.) It's worked so far!






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